Top 10 Food and Beverage Mistakes and Ways to Avoid It

Maybe it turned into less complicated whilst the most effective component on the table changed into what you can hunt and acquire. certain, the menu turned into primitive. but as a minimum there were not any professionals soaring over the fire, wagging their fingers and pronouncing, “consume this. No, no, don’t devour that.” Ours is an age of exceptional bounty and convenience—and nearly nonstop dietary recommendation, a whole lot of it problem to trade as new studies findings come along or scientists exchange their minds. You try to hold up with the modern day and make the best alternatives—however are your choices as healthy as you suspect?

In the food and beverage business, you must be careful on how to handle the diners. There are a few mistakes taken for granted that cause patrons not to come back.

A well-defined customer service will predetermine how well you are going to fare in the restaurant world. This is the very lifeline of any restaurant business, thus it must be critically observe.

Starting a restaurant business is not easy considering the fact that there are too many competitors out there.


Study the top 10 mistakes below to avoid committing it in your food and beverage business:

  1. Never interrupt the diners when having a conversation even if it is not very serious.
  2. Do not let the servers hover nearby as if the diner is going to steal the utensils. It is very irritating to have a listening server at hand.
  3. When removing the unwanted wares on the table, do not do it obtrusively.
  4. Do not allow servers to ask if the diner wants his/her change. It is rude to ask for a tip in such a manner.
  5. Servers often neglect to serve cold water as soon as the diners are seated.
  6. Servers are not well-oriented about the food and beverages served especially when the diner is not familiar with it.
  7. Do not ignore difficult customers, always attend and listen to their complaints.
  8. Do not let customers raise their hands for so long for lack of attention when they need something.
  9. Never keep the customers waiting. Should there be kitchen problems and cause the serving to be delayed, inform the diner.
  10. Always practice good send-off messages to customers.